November 17, 2022

Episode 6: Getting American Apps Global, with Jason Turnquist

By: AF Editors

“You as a user get an experience that is fluid, but it takes a long time and a lot of conversations and a lot of meetings to iron out those processes so we can then define and program them”

This week on Brewing Business we had the chance to talk with Jason Turnquist, developer and marketer extraordinaire! Jason currently provides custom app and website development through his firm Fyresite, partnering with organizations like Zinkn, Greystar, Arizona State University, Green Mountain Grills, and many, many more! Beyond custom development and coding, Jason and Fyresite also provide marketing and sales consulting, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes find ways to improve their bottom line.

We spoke with Jason about his experience as a developer, all the behind-the-scenes work that most users of apps never see, taking American apps worldwide, and his advice for aspiring developers in today’s market. Listen at the links below, and don’t forget to rate and subscribe!


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