2015 Liberty Ball

October 2 - October 2, 2015

Duquesne University

600 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh , PA

American society is increasingly concerned with income inequality, poverty and stagnation of the middle class. Is income inequality a pressing problem? Should the government implement policies to help lower income families through wealth redistribution? What are alternative solutions?
Dr. Kevin Shaver- Duquesne University
Dr. Jerome McKinney- University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Pavel Yakolev- Duquesne University
Dr. James Harrigan- Strata Policy
Join us for a debate on income inequality and the third annual liberty ball celebration, held in conjunction with this year’s IHS Weekend Exploring Liberty Seminar at Duquesne University. The seminar will bring together undergraduate students to explore the historical, economic, and philosophical foundations of a free society through an enjoyable weekend of lectures and discussions.