A Jeffersonian Dinner | Changing Culture in Public Safety - America's Future

A Jeffersonian Dinner | Changing Culture in Public Safety

September 23, 2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Fate Brewing Company - South

1312 North Scottsdale Road , Scottsdale,

For many individuals and communities, it’s due time to discuss the culture of public safety in America. With media coverage impacting the narrative daily, criminal justice reform is a focal point of discussion in American homes and across party lines.

For this event, we invite you to participate in a discussion about how the culture of public safety officials is changing (or staying the same), and how the reception of reform in our criminal justice system is evolving for the 21st century.

Recently the U.S. Department of Justice announced a “pattern or practice investigation” into the Phoenix Police Department. The investigation will assess all types of use of force by Phoenix police officers and determine if the police department engaged in retaliatory activities against protesters, homeless individuals and people with disabilities.

This Jeffersonian-style dinner starts with networking, reflections from guests and speakers and continues with an engaging conversation on the fundamental rights to own and freely use property as Americans.

AF Hub members are strongly encouraged to bring a guest they disagree with on this issue to participate in the discussion. Speakers will be announced soon.

For questions, contact [email protected] To learn more about AF membership and become a Hub member, visit our website here. We look forward to seeing you!