AF-Southwest Garden Talk | Personal & Business Financial Management - America's Future

AF-Southwest Garden Talk | Personal & Business Financial Management

June 22, 2021 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Greenwood Brewing

425 East Roosevelt Street , Phoenix,

Financial planning is the last thing many entrepreneurs think about long term. But it remains one of the most important tools for personal financial growth and securing a revenue positive future for any business. In a free market economy, each of us has the ability to manage our wealth in a way that is beneficial to us, our employees, and our families.

Join America’s Future Southwest, Arizona Talks, and two of the state’s most knowledgeable financial executives to learn best practices for a revenue positive future. You’ll hear client stories, things you can do now with small deposits, and how best to manage the infamous Quickbooks account for your business. Companies of all sizes are invited to participate in this unique discussion with our well informed speakers

Tickets are just $5 (+ a small Eventbrite fee) for purchase ahead of time via Eventbrite (see below). The event includes a delicious beverage crafted by Greenwood Brewing served in the outdoor beer garden space. Although there will be misters around the garden, we encourage you to dress cool in case it’s a warm night. No need for business attire as we will be surrounded by friends! But if you insist, we welcome attire of any kind!