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AF-Southwest Hub: A Jeffersonian Dinner – Should Congress Have Term Limits?

March 30, 2021 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Casa Corazon Restaurant

2637 North 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Nancy Pelosi has been in congressional office since 1987 (34 years). Mitch McConnell since 1985 (36 years). Chuck Grassley for over 40 years. Then there’s Joe Biden who takes the cake with 37 years in Congress, 8 years in the White House as VP and now, he’s back for FOUR MORE YEARS! What’s wrong with this picture?

Every two years, our nation elects and re-elects career politicians. Why don’t we elect new people? Can our Congress really be in touch with society after 10 years in office? Or 30 years, for that matter? Why do we trust these leaders after decades of hearing them say they’re going to “fix the problems”? We can focus on Congress, but what about city, state and regional offices, too? Do local term limits affect term limits nationally?

It’s time to dive into the topic of term limits and why we need new people in office. Join AF-Southwest, the US Term Limits Team, and our partners at Arizona Talks for a discussion on US Term Limits and why we must seriously consider imposing them at all levels. It’s time for a real change, and it starts with a discussion over dinner – a Jeffersonian Dinner, in fact!

This Jeffersonian-style dinner will take place in person at Casa Corazon in Phoenix. The night starts with networking, reflections from those around the table, and continues with an engaging conversation on the benefits of term limits to our country, our peers, and those elected to office.

We encourage you to bring a guest you disagree with on this issue, and participate in our lively discussion. Get your tickets now!

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