Color and Conformity in America’s Cancel Culture

September 30, 2021 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Fate Brewing Company, the Barrel Room

1312 North Scottsdale Road , Scottsdale,

Whether in the media, the workplace, in communities, or on college campuses, cancel culture and identity politics are forcing Americans to conform to ideologies and identities that may not be their own.

As a boy, Christian Watson experienced this firsthand when he was told he was “acting white” because he read comic books and listened to Jazz, rather than playing football and listening to rap like the rest of his Black peers.

Today, Christian is a political commentator, national spokesperson for Color Us United, and podcast host of the “Pensive Politics” show who is traveling the country and speaking out about his unique perspective on color and conformity in America’s cancel culture.

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, at 5:30 p.m., join the Goldwater Institute and America’s Future for a conversation with Christian Watson about how young Americans can reclaim their individuality, take responsibility for their own lives, and chart their own pathway for success.

This event is part of the Goldwater Institute’s ongoing series of discussions regarding the rise of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools and society, halting the movement toward Marxism, and how Goldwater is working to ensure academic transparency in the classroom so parents know what is being taught to their children.

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