Denver Let's Talk Competition - America's Future

Denver Let’s Talk Competition

November 16, 2016 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Choppers Sports Grill

80 S Madison Street, Denver,

How do you communicate about liberty so the average American understands? How do you best deliver a quick message that can win in the marketplace of ideas? The “Let’s Talk Competition” is designed to help communicate our principles to our friends, family, and community – to influence and win hearts and minds. Each participant will have the chance to practice communicating issues on an emotional and engaging level, with $1,750 in cash up for grabs going to the top 3! 1st place gets $1,000. 2nd place $500. 3rd place $250.

How do you win? Pick one of two ways to enter the contest to win $1,000. First way to enter will be at this happy hour where contestants will grab the mic and give their 2 minute speech promoting liberty. We will record all speeches for final review.

The other way to enter the contest will be to record yourself giving the 2 minute speech and submit it to us by December 15th. So if you don’t want to give the speech live at this happy hour, you are more than welcome to record it on your own time and submit it to us by 12/15.

Whatever topic you choose (and it is entirely up to you, sky’s the limit!), participants are encouraged to tell a story, personalize the topic, and use emotional arguments to communicate these ideas to the average American. We’re not looking for graphs and economics buzzwords, we want a message that speaks to the heart of the general public.

For more information, visit the contest homepage here: or the Liberty on the Rocks Facebook page.