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Liberty Round-Up: A Safe Social Networking Event

June 30, 2020 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

County Line

6500 Bee Cave Road, Austin,

Forget Zoom – it’s time for an in-person event for our fellow politicos, policy wonks, and friends of Liberty.

With election season nearly upon us, and sooo much to catch up on, AF-Austin would like to invite you to our first social networking event in the COVID-19 era.

Join us for appetizers, cocktails, and sunset views at the County Line on the Hill on Tuesday, June 30th from 7PM – 9PM. We’ll have both a private event space indoors, as well as a large, private outdoor patio for mingling and chatting in the open air.

Our event has been crafted with your safety in mind, so we’ll be providing hand sanitizer and masks for all guests, and the County Line staff will be assisting in keeping everyone safe while we enjoy everyone’s in-person company.

2020 has been quite the ride. Between COVID, Black Lives Matter, election season, and all the local happenings around homelessness, economic shutdowns, and a $10B transportation spending measure, we have a lot to discuss.

Emerge from isolation – come share drinks with friends, vent your frustrations, and feel human again!

***We kindly ask in the spirit of “personal responsibility” that if you are experiencing any symptoms, have traveled recently, or have been exposed to someone with COVID, that you do not attend the event for the respect and safety of others.***