August 3, 2016

Goodbye and Good Luck Richard!

By: Megan Cook

Richard Henkle is a development associate at AFF.  His position is temporary until the end of August.  Richard assists with mailings, recording donations, and organizing the database.

Richard grew up in Western Kansas and received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History at Wheaton College.  After school, he moved to DC to work on Capitol Hill.  During a 10-year span, Richard worked for 4 different House Members.  After he left the Hill, he spent 18 months working for a UK-based insurance company.  Richard has another year and a half left to earn a Master’s degree in Literature and Humanities from Marymount University.  During graduate school, he has presented papers at five conferences.  This fall, he will begin teaching English, logic, and rhetoric at Dominion Christian School in Reston, Virginia.  He will also start a speech and debate team at the school.  Richard is a family man: he got married in 2004 and has two boys–Calvin and Oliver.

How did he find the ideas of liberty?

Richard said,

I’ve always been distrusting of governments that want to have a heavy hand in the lives of its citizens. The longer I have been in Washington, the more resolved in this belief I have become. I can’t point to a specific time or catalyst for my aligning myself with the liberty movement; rather it was more of a gradual developing and maturing of my viewpoints until I reached a point where I sort of looked around and realized this is how someone with my (or similar) viewpoints identifies himself.

Richard has been appreciative of the office culture within AFF.  He said, “folks are calm and composed, even in the midst of stressful situations. It is a chill group of folks who all seem to have found a good balance of passion and diligence with calm and tempered responses.”  AFF will miss Richard when he leaves in a few weeks.  We are sure to see him do amazing things with Dominion Christian School students.