February 12, 2014

Judd Gregg explains his withdrawal

By: David Adesnik

This afternoon:

“I’m a fiscal conservative, as everybody knows, a fairly strong one,” Mr. Gregg told reporters at a news conference in the Capitol. “And it just became clear to me that it would be very difficult, day in and day out, to serve in this cabinet or any cabinet.”

I guess I’m a little curious about what led Sen. Gregg to believe last week that a strong fiscal conservative belonged in the Obama cabinet. More reactions:

Jake Tapper: “I find this baffling.”

Michael Goldfarb: Gregg was kneecapped by Obama’s decision last week to shift control of the Census from the Dept. of Commerce to the White House.

Glenn Reynolds: “At least Gregg paid his taxes.”

Steve Benen: “It’s a good thing no one seems to know what the Commerce Secretary does, or these troubles might start to be consequential.”