January 4, 2019


Learn it, Live it, Love it: So this is the New Year

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Happy New Year everyone! We’re so excited for what 2019 holds for AFF and the country. To help you with your New Year’s resolutions and intentions, here are a few ideas for incorporating freedom into your daily life this year:

Learn It:

If you’re anything like the AFF team, these next two weeks are a flurry of goal setting and plan building. For some advice on how to take your big plans and break them into manageable chunks, I’ve found this template really useful.

Live It:

January is full of opportunities to get loud for causes you care about. In fact, the weekend of January 18-20th is full of opportunities to come to DC and make your voice heard:

1. The March for Life: The March for Life takes place Friday, January 18, on the National Mall. At the close of the event, AFF will host a discussion with Intercollegiate Studies Institute from 4-6pm.

2. LibertyCon: Join 1500 of your closest friends and liberty lovers January 17-19 to learn, meet, and grow at this fantastic conference that’s not just for college students. AFF will be hosting a luncheon with Talent Market and Novus Society on Saturday the 19th as well as co-hosting that evening’s social with Young Voices.

P.S. We were able to secure free conference registration for AFF members, use code AFF when registering.

3. The Women’s March: What started as a backlash to President Trump’s election is now in its third year. This year, the Independent Women’s Forum is ensuring all women’s voices are heard and championed at the event, not just progressive ones. Join them to honor and celebrate women of all stripes and creeds.

I plan to hit up all of these events, I hope to see you there!

Love it:

Do you know about Johan Norberg? If not, here’s a great intro and a wonderful way to kick off the first weekend of 2019. His book, Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future, shows how and why the world is getting better. I plan to download the audible so I can listen to that great Swedish accent on my commutes into the office.