October 9, 2020


Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Informed Citizen Edition

By: Jenny DeMarco

Learn it:
Much has been made over the Electoral College since 2016, when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but not the presidency. Calls to eliminate this construct have gained ground. So, how does it work, and is it an important check on government power? Here are three useful resources for you to become the resident Electoral College expert at your next Zoom happy hour:

1. Safeguard: An Electoral College Story

2. After the People Vote: A guide to the electoral college

3. The Essential Electoral College

Live it:
Are you curious about the coming election and steps states are taking to ensure security and transparency? Check out this great guide on best practices from the Millennial Action Project

This one is for the women out there, if you’re looking for ways to expand your skills, deepen your networks and work to make positive change in your community, consider joining the Policy Circle’s Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap program. Applications for their spring class are open now.

The AFF team has been buzzing over the new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, I plan to watch tonight. What are your thoughts?

Love it:
Climate change routinely tops the list of issues our generation worries about. I’ve been excited to see the way limited government groups are drawing attention to positive solutions that will make our planet a thriving one for all of us.

1. The wildfires across the west this year have been devastating, how can they be prevented in the future? The Center Square says better forest management is the key

2. If you want to dive deeper into individual actions we can check out this new video series from FEE and the American Conservation Coalition.