Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Summertime Edition - America's Future

July 17, 2020


Learn It, Live It, Love It: The Summertime Edition

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Learn it
Though protests have quieted down a bit, the fight for racial justice continues, and our learning has really just begun. This video features several brilliant minds discussing both the nature of the problem and the paths for moving forward. The debate over reparations, in particular, is fascinating.  

To continue learning in this vein, I encourage you to join our AF-Detroit event next week for a discussion on reforming vs. defunding the police. Joining this discussion will be Detroit’s Chief of Police and a professor of criminology. I’m really looking forward to this discussion on the best ways to hold these government institutions accountable. 

Two other bits of vital reading for your weekend: First up, if you haven’t read it already, Bari Weiss’ resignation letter from the New York Times is eye-opening and frustrating.  And last but not least, my former colleagues at the Atlas Network, Matt Warner and Tom Palmer, offer some uplifting thoughts on the opportunities to advance freedom during this time.

Live it
Lydia Pitea is a frequent contributor to the AF Blog, but most days, she helps young donors navigate the world of philanthropy. I loved her post here on how to deepen your connection with your community through giving.

And if those bright skies and high temperatures are begging you to go on an adventure, take a look at her post with us this week on safe, responsible vacationing in the time of COVID. 

And while you’re embarking on your adventure, why not listen to a great podcast? My recommendation is The Curious Task, a show run by our friends in Canada at the Institute for Liberal Studies. Their recent episode features Linda Kavuka, a lawyer and freedom activist in Nigeria, one of my very favorite people. 

Love it
AF Chapter Leaders volunteer to work with us and do so many amazing things through their day jobs. Today, I’d like to celebrate Taylor Dawson, AF-Nashville’s leader who, with her work at the Beacon Center, had a major win last week. Finally, after a three-year battle, Nashville has made it legal for people to run a business in your home. Learn more about this win here. Three cheers for giving people the freedom to earn a living, doing what they love, wherever they are.