July 21, 2016

Matt Hartill: AFF’s Marketing Guru

By: Megan Cook

Do you ever wonder who is writing the posts and tweets on AFF’s social media pages? It is our Marketing Coordinator, Matthew Hartill.

In 2015, he graduated from Virginia’s College of William & Mary with a Bachelor’s in Government. Matt then participated in the 2015 Koch Associate Program. In previous roles, he conducted criminal justice research as a Reason Foundation intern.  When he is not working, Matt can be found reading, rock climbing, or searching for cheap international cuisine in DC.

When I asked him why he got involved in the liberty movement, he said,

“In any work I do, I want to help others and be surrounded by interesting people. The “movement” has a broad range of perspectives and always forces me to assess how I think about things. It’s great to have an opportunity to work with people who are both passionate and intellectually curious.”

As Marketing Coordinator his responsibilities are two-fold. One responsibility involves connecting our members to career-advancing opportunities. This includes letting them know about events, conferences, programs, and fellowships that we conduct. His other responsibility is growing AFF’s audience. Sometimes that requires project-based efforts surrounding a particular event or conference. But, growing AFF’s audience also requires long-term, incremental effort. For both responsibilities, he especially focuses on digital marketing.

What might his favorite part of working at AFF be? He said,

“AFF is a results-driven organization. So if you try something and prove that it works, the rest of the team is really supportive. I love having ample opportunity to experiment and try new things in order to advance our mission. What’s also great, is it ensures that we keep innovating. Repeating something simply because it’s “how we’ve always done it” is never an acceptable justification for decision-making.”

Matt has a lot of great plans for this year. He is scaling up AFF’s digital subscriptions and lead generation and working on an e-book with some of the best professional development advice our members have. In his personal life, he also likes to set major goals. For example, he hopes to become fully proficient in Spanish and basically proficient in another language (Portuguese, German, or Japanese) within the next year.

Matt is a great contribution to our team and if you would like to know more about his work, feel free to contact him at matt@americasfuture.org.