August 31, 2009

Matt Labash on Marion Barry

By: Sonny Bunch

America’s greatest living treasure, a/k/a Matt Labash, has a 9,500 word profile on Marion Barry this week. He had access to the Mayor For Life for several days; he went to church and IHOP and the Old Ebbit Grill with the man and his people. I’m not even sure where to extract from, it’s that good. Print it out and read it at lunch today. It’ll be the best decision you make all day.

To touch on something Will was blogging about last week, a great reason to pick up a subscription to The Standard is not just this story but the layout in the print edition. A photographer followed Matt and Marion around, capturing the journey on film. You don’t get any of the great photos on the web.

Also, via JVL, I see that Matt’s upcoming collection of essays is available for presale at Amazon. You should, of course, buy it.