January 7, 2022

Meet Nico Zviovich, AF-Atlanta’s New Co-Leader!

By: AF Editors

Nico Zviovich is an Atlanta-based interdisciplinary communicator whose passions for persuasion and politics have led him to work in public affairs. In addition to his undergraduate studies in international affairs at The George Washington University, Nico built on his policy knowledge through his studies at Peking University and in his current work at a strategic communications and public affairs firm. He currently is passionate about using his communication skills to advocate for liberty throughout the state of Georgia. When not working, you can often find him in a hammock enjoying a good book or by the grill.

1. What do you enjoy about your career path so far, and why?

While I definitely put the young in young professional, I am lucky to have had the drive and the opportunity to thrive in a career that has allowed me to tackle a diversity of issue areas on a daily basis and to develop both personally and professionally so early in the game. 

2. Why did you decide to work with America’s Future?

My experience with America’s Future started through the Rules of Networking facebook page (for any of you who are not a member I highly recommend you sign up immediately). I was eager to grow in my career and  bolster my involvement in the liberty movement, so when Patti Rausch with the Leadership Institute offered a free career consulting session I eagerly signed up. During our session, she connected me with a number of influential leaders in the liberty movement, one of whom was Richard Lorenc who told me about America’s Future. One thing led to another, and I applied to be a chapter leader. 

3. What are you most excited about in the role?

I am excited to throw incredible events and be a happy warrior dedicated to spreading the message of liberty to the people of Atlanta. My time with AF has also been incredibly humbling. I have had the opportunity to have met brilliant people in Atlanta and around the country who are doing incredibly important work. 

4. What helpful skills do you have that people could ask you for advice on?

Networking. One of the things I am most proud of, is having utilized my network to connect friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to job opportunities, organizations, and causes  that they have been able to thrive in. 

Meet Nico Zviovich, AF-Atlanta's New Co-Leader!

5. Book recommendations?

I live and breathe reading recommendations. Here are a few recommendations people gave me in 2021 that enriched my year that I want to pass on to each of you, Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb, Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life by Rory Sutherland, Never Split the Difference by Chris Ross, and The Noblest Triumph by Tom Bethell. 

6. Coffee order?

Double Shot Espresso with Brown Sugar. 

7. Favorite places to travel?

I love exploring new trails whether it’s in my home state of Georgia, the beautiful Appalachian trail, or the far reaches of Patagonia.