May 1, 2023

Introducing Elijah Richardson, Chapter Leader of AF-Detroit!

By: AF Editors

AF-Detroit is back up and running, and with a brand new Chapter Leader! Meet Elijah Richardson, a man dedicated to connecting with youth and improving his community.

Elijah began his professional career at Culver-Stockton College, where he taught and mentored local students about life and how to be a student-athlete through the “Life After High School” curriculum. After receiving his master’s degree in 2020, he accepted an Author and Curriculum Administrator position with the National Criminal Justice Training Research and Consulting Agency. He is now the Executive Director of WHOH Detroit, as well as the Network Athletic and Fitness Director for Cornerstone Schools. Elijah is dedicated to fostering strong connections with the community while serving as an example of how everyone has the potential to learn from their experiences to develop and achieve in life.

We’re so excited to continue to work with Elijah to make Detroit a stronger community and more prosperous city. Get to know Elijah below!

1. Career advice in three words?

Communicate, Consistency, Commitment.

2. Define leadership in one sentence

The ability to motivate others to commit to your vision while empowering others to lead others.

3. What books/magazines are you currently reading? Any podcasts?

Solid Ground by T.W Lewis.

4. What do you wish you could go back and tell yourself at the beginning of your career? 

Every opportunity isn’t worth taking advantage of.

5. What’s your morning routine?

Listen to motivational music/talks.