June 3, 2022

Introducing James, AF’s New Hub and Chapter Manager!

By: AF Editors

Introducing James, AF's New Hub and Chapter Manager!

James Lee is the Hub and Chapter Manager at America’s Future. He serves as Executive Director of Louisiana Swamp Watch, a non-profit educating Louisianans on free-market policies and the organizations who oppose them. Prior to joining Louisiana Swamp Watch, James worked for years in grassroots advocacy and community organizing with Americans for Prosperity and the Louisiana Young Republicans. James is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in Leadership & Society. He lives in Baton Rouge, LA with his two cats, Tony and Effy.

What do you enjoy about your career path so far, and why?

It’s never boring. Working in public policy and grassroots advocacy, you always feel like you can be doing more, and are constantly challenged to innovate and find new ways to advance your goals. It’s especially rewarding knowing that every step forward you take is a step toward improving the lives of so many individuals across my state and country. 

Why did you decide to work with America’s Future?

I’ve always admired the work of America’s Future. It’s especially important to me to get the younger generation involved and organized to build freer communities, because it is ultimately us who will reap the most benefits. Young people often feel like they can’t make a difference, or that it’s not their time to lead. AF empowers the next generation to know they can and need to be involved. 

Introducing James, AF's New Hub and Chapter Manager! 2

What are you most excited about in the role?

Meeting people! I love meeting new people and collaborating with like-minded people to advance the cause of more free communities, and I’m excited to get to meet, work with, and learn from some of the best leaders who are making a difference every day in their communities. 

What helpful skills do you have that people could ask you for advice on?

I’ve never met a stranger. I think the ability to get to know people and bond quickly with them, and learn about and from them, is one of the best skills that I have that has helped me succeed. 

Book recommendations?

Disciplines of High Performance Teams

Coffee order?

Cold brew, black

Introducing James, AF's New Hub and Chapter Manager! 1

Favorite places to travel?

The mountains! I love the views, tranquility, and hiking in nature. Encounters with bears, not so much- but you have to live a little! I also love traveling to hunt- whether just up the road to Mississippi, or elk hunting in Colorado, and to New Orleans to see my sweet niece Rylee, Mardi Gras, or just a night out!