April 24, 2023

Introducing Kacey Crane, AF’s New Leadership Development Director!

By: AF Editors

Meet our new Leadership Development Director! Kacey Crane is our new full time team member, overseeing the Membership Program and Fellowships.

Kacey started her career in grassroots politics. She transitioned into policy and programming, working for Faegre Drinker, Butler University, the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Conservative Energy Network. Kacey holds undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Political Science. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, Sam. Outside of work, Kacey enjoys the performing arts and stays involved with Indiana Republican politics.

Get to know Kacey below!

1. Why did you decide to work with America’s Future?

I’ve been a Career Services professional and a Policy Wonk. America’s Future allows me to be both! I get to nurture my passion for helping others achieve their goals, in the name of the civic values I believe in.

2. Career advice in three words?

Take risks!

3. Define leadership in one sentence

Courageous compassion

4. What books/magazines are you currently reading? Any podcasts?

Run – do not walk – to listen to The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling podcast.

5. What do you wish you could go back and tell yourself at the beginning of your career? 

Don’t worry so much! If you work hard, opportunities will come.

6. What’s your morning routine?

Each day starts with a cozy cup of coffee, quiet time to read or journal and snuggles with my puppy.