December 30, 2013

Presenting AFF's Top Ten of 2013

By: AFF Editors

Here are the most popular articles from America’s Future Foundation in 2013: 

1. Che Guevara’s Racism
by Joseph Hammond

“I think Jay-Z needs to get informed,” Rubio said. “One of his heroes is Che Guevara. Che Guevara was a racist. Che Guevara was a racist that wrote extensively about the superiority of white Europeans over people of African descent, so he should inform himself [about] the guy that he’s propping up.” Read More

2. Why the Fuss About Reading Mommy Blogs?
by Lillian Civantos

Sara and I were late as we headed to the bar. “Don’t worry,” laughed Matt, “I already texted the guys that we’re running late because you two were discussing mommy blogs.” Read More

3. For Democrats, Is Gun Control Worth the Effort?
by David Hardy

In January 1994 – less than a year into President Clinton’s first term – George Stephanopoulos received a memo from Jody Powell. “If there is an area that needs ‘new thinking, ‘rethinking, ‘a different kind of Democrat,’ and all that, crime/gun control is it,” Powell wrote. Read More

4. Emile Griffith’s Mortal Combat
by Joseph Hammond

There will be no postage stamps to commemorate Emile Griffith life. He wasn’t the first fighter to kill a man in the ring, and he wasn’t the last. He deserves to be remembered for something more. Read More

5. Media Spin Masters Don’t Help the Republic
by Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

David Freddoso’s Spin Masters: How the Media Ignored the Real News and Helped Reelect Barack Obama documents not just double standards but also how the media ignored or buried big stories. Read More

6. Peter Redpath’s Series on Networking Advice
by Peter Redpath

One of the most viewed items on AFF’s site this year was a 10-part series on best practices for networking in DC. Written by Peter Redpath from the Federalist Society and based on his more than 10 years of experience in DC, this series addresses where to get your start in the liberty movement, how to work a reception, how to use LinkedIn, how to get a job, and other helpful topics. Read More

7. President Obama Can’t Want All Volunteers to Work for the Government, Can He?
by Kathlyn Ehl

President Obama visited a D.C. charitable organization called Martha’s Table to highlight the volunteer work of many furloughed government employees during the recent government shutdown. And yet, the president’s remarks suggest that he missed the real point of his own event. Read More

8. Humility – America’s Greatest Virtue?
by Emma Elliott Freire

American humility is not an oxymoron. In fact, some of our country’s finest moments are characterized by humility. Today, many people have grown scornful of humility, seeing it as weakness. Read More

9. Do You Need Law School?
by Eric Alston and Isaac Morehouse

There’s nothing wrong with being a corporate, defense, or other kind of lawyer. But if you are passionate about policy, you should be fully aware that in general, law school limits your options; it does not expand them. Read More

10. Um, So, You Know… A Column
by Roger Custer

Um, so, you know, um, I think…um, yes, this is a professional advice column about how you can distinguish yourself by speaking more clearly without using filler words. Read More


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