February 28, 2017

AFF Community

Reshaping Michigan for Liberty

By: Heather Pfitzenmaier

What exactly does Michigan’s attorney general do, anyway?

AFF members at the brand new Midland chapter asked him in person.

41 young leaders gathered at Northwood University in Midland for an intimate discussion with Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette.  AFF leaders learned what it takes to be attorney general, and they were given the opportunity to engage directly in a question-and-answer session because of your support.  This work is inspiring young leaders in Michigan to become more civically engaged.

AFF’s work in Michigan doesn’t stop in Midland, however.

128 miles south of Midland, AFF hosted 36 young leaders in Detroit (pictured above) to learn personal branding strategies from Anna Scott of the Charles Koch Institute.

Anna’s interactive session about building personal brands was well-received. It was a great combination of practical advice and helpful tools.  Professional development sessions like these showcase AFF’s unique and important opportunities.  From networking to policy discussions to practical advice, AFF trains young professionals to be better advocates for liberty.

Because of AFF donors, AFF offers young leaders practical and useful training to advance liberty in their communities.  In my home state of Michigan, this is more evident than ever.

Thank you for making AFF’s work possible.  AFF is expanding, and supporters inspire Millennials to advance liberty across the country.  Together, we can ensure the future for freedom!