August 1, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Jaci Woltornist

By: Megan Cook

335A0013Do you ever wonder who put together the event you just attended?

Jaci (pronounced “Jackie”) Woltornist is the Director of Programs at America’s Future Foundation. She graduated cum laude from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a major in Humanities focusing on education philosophy and Western civilization. Before AFF she was the Director of Religious Education at Holy Spirit Church in Annandale, Virginia.  As a proud Oregonian (in all ways except politics), she enjoys hiking, a good IPA, and rainy days. Jaci and her husband live in Falls Church, Virginia.

As Director of Programs and Membership, she manages all DC-based programs and events. This includes planning and hosting professional development and networking events and programs. Recently, Jaci has been working on establishing AFF’s presence on Capital Hill. AFF wants to provide professional development and a community for liberty-minded hill staffers.

Jaci is new to the liberty network. Her work and education background has been related to religious organizations and education. When she moved out to Northern Virginia and married her husband, she became more and more interested liberty and free markets. As she learned about the issues, she found herself more and more intrigued and wanted to get involved. A few friends knew about AFF and suggested them based on her experience and an open vacancy.

When asked about her favorite part of working at AFF was, she said,

It’s hard to name the one thing I love most. One of my favorite aspects of working at AFF is it feels like a start-up. Even though it has been around for 20+ years, there is still this excitement that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and you are helping make it what it is. There is constant support and encouragement from the team to try out new ideas, to experiment and expand projects and programs. We all recognize that there is opportunity and great potential for AFF to grow and make an impact on young leaders in the liberty movement. As I am allowed to expand the programs department and explore it’s potential, I myself am able to grow and challenge myself.

Another great aspect of her job includes working with volunteers. If you want to volunteer or attend an event, feel free to contact Jaci or check out our event page.