September 21, 2015

Young Professionals Series: The Appeal of D.C.

By: Liga Strautniece

dcimageEvery year thousands of young aspiring professionals come to Washington, D.C. to pursue their dreams. According to the Forbes, the capital is the second best city for young professionals – new census figures show that one third of the District’s population is made up of people in their 20s and early 30s. So what is it that makes the District so desirable for eager young professionals?

To start, though DC is the U.S. capital, many say it is the capital of the world. Not only is it the base of the American government, but it is also home to many international embassies. The cultural diversity of the city broadens people’s global views and gives them a feeling that they are at the center of something special. 

Aside from the government, the metropolitan area is rich with many international organizations, striving businesses, nonprofits, law firms, health organizations and academic institutions. There is no shortage of professional opportunities in D.C. No matter what career route one chooses, the capital will give them many opportunities to do what they love.

Even though most people come to D.C. to try to make a name for themselves professionally, they still can enjoy the city’s great sources of leisure. The city provides everyone with variety of options to satisfy their taste. People can visit numerous monuments and museums, go to professional sporting events, enjoy many different types of bars and clubs, or simply find a nice park to read their favorite book. The capital city also hosts many concerts, exhibitions and events. It is safe to say that no matter what you are looking for, D.C. won’t let you down.

Of course, a main attraction of D.C. is its many networking opportunities. Almost daily, young professionals can attend networking events to expand their professional circle or find new friends. Since D.C. is quite small for a metropolitan city, the chances are that you will meet someone who will help you land your dream job.

There are countless opportunities for young professionals to make their mark in DC, so if you are considering the move, take the chance!


Liga Strautniece works in the marketing and sales industry. She graduated with a Bachelors or Arts in Public Relations and Advertising from Lynn University.