June 2, 2015

The Next Big Names in Liberty: Our 2015 Emerging Leaders

By: AFF Editors

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Introducing America’s Future Foundation’s 2015 Emerging Leaders. We look forward to their future accomplishments in the liberty movement.


Alexandra Woodfin
e566de94-95ad-4fb3-81be-7acd927e6a8cAlexandra Woodfin is a soon-to-be honors graduate of Towson University in Economics and French Language. After an unforgettable senior year at the Université d’Avignon, Alexandra will return to the Aix-Marseille academic district in September 2015 to teach English at the secondary school level.

A great deal of Alexandra’s education in liberty came from IHS and FEE (where she was also previously an intern), but a year in France has also enhanced, challenged, and outright refuted many of her ideas about liberty around the world. Next year, when she’s not planning English lessons, distance running, hacking recipes à la Provençale, or hopping around Europe by way of the sharing economy, she looks forward to learning more about how the French interpretation of liberté influences life in the Fifth Republic.


Aubrey Neal
808fb43a-ab7b-4183-8fce-43a5e83b0338Born and raised on a farm in Northern Idaho, Aubrey Neal has lived a life very attuned to the importance of self-reliance and limited government. Politics were always a common topic around her family’s dinner table leading her to pursue a degree in Political Economics. A recent graduate from Hillsdale College, Aubrey has been blessed with countless enlightening internship experiences throughout her college career and, as a result, has gained a network of countless inspiring peers, role models, and mentors. Currently employed as a Legislative Correspondent on Capitol Hill, Aubrey is excited about the bright future before her and plans to continue to spread her home-grown ideals in the policy world.



William Jergins
e4bae4d2-79bf-4e13-9bbe-46068fd534b0A former intern with U.S. Senator Michael S. Lee and the Institute for Humane Studies, Campus Coordinator with Students for Liberty, and a State chair with Young Americans for Liberty, William Jergins graduated Spring of 2015 Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Political Science and Economics with a Math minor from Southern Utah University.  He is continuing his education at Texas Tech to receive a PhD in Economics, and plans on becoming a professor.




Kasey Darling
c16292b6-7bdb-4663-93bf-c40d07c4cdf0Kasey Darling grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and attended Hillsdale College where she studied Political Economy. During her time at Hillsdale, Kasey enjoyed spending time in the DC metro area; she participated in the Washington Hillsdale Internship Program and the Koch Internship Program. Kasey’s internships included; the media department at the Cato Institute, External Relations and Recruiting team at the Charles Koch Institute and the communications department at the U.S. Travel Association. She now holds a full-time role at the Charles Koch Institute as a Field Recruiter where she travels nationwide talking with interested students about the Educational Programs at CKI. Kasey enjoys long walks around the city, hot coffee every morning and relaxing at home on Sunday.


Marshall Kosloff
6240d053-5033-4b9b-86ff-d2258a37d362Marshall Kosloff is a soon-to-be graduating senior at the University of Oregon, where he studied Political Science. This summer, he will attend the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security’s Summer Workshop and the American Enterprise Institute’s Summer Honors Program.

Marshall’s interest and involvement in public policy and government began in high school. There, he was elected YMCA Youth Governor of Oregon, selected to represent the state at American Legion Boys Nation, and ranked as one of the top 50 Congressional Debaters in the nation.



Spencer Bell
b57ff9d7-c00b-4c2d-9b89-c39805fd2f31Spencer attended Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. While at Hillsdale, he majored in Economics and German and worked as a Student Ambassador, Economic Research Assistant to Dr. Chris Martin, led a community based volunteer sports program for middle schools, coached basketball and football, while also leading a dorm bible study and participating in IM sports and academic honoraries. He graduated from Hillsdale in May 2015. Currently, Spencer works at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University as a Regulatory Studies Program Associate.  In addition, he will pursue his masters in economics at George Mason University beginning in fall 2015.



Ross Hougham
749dfebd-b59c-4519-8e18-cd483f8d9869Now a member of UCLA’s Political Science Class of 2015, Ross had an early passion to be actively involved in the American political system. In 2013, he became president of the university’s Political Science Student Organization (PSSO), where among other things he introduced successful public debates between Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians for the first time in school history. As president, he also introduced and organized the school’s first Memorial Day Walk from campus to the Los Angeles National Cemetery to attend a ceremony in honor of America’s fallen heroes. During this time, Ross became closely involved with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), attending multiple training conferences on politics and political communication. In 2014, spurred by a desire to create a intellectual haven for conservative thought at UCLA, Ross co-founded a local chapter of ISI that turned out to be an inspiring success in the  midst of an adverse environment.  During this time, he continued on as Director of Commencement for PSSO. Ross has acquired significant political employment experience and community involvement in the offices of California state legislators, the California Secretary of State, the Assembly Republican Caucus, Meridian Pacific, Inc. political consultants, and as a volunteer for Doug Ose for Congress and the Yolo Country Bridge to Housing pilot project to help the homeless in West Sacramento. Beginning in the fall of this year, Ross will begin classes for a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Southern California’s Capitol Center in Sacramento.

While attending classes, he will be pursuing full-time employment in Sacramento’s political scene.