October 5, 2022

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The Power of a Handwritten ‘Thank You’ Note

By: Peyton Holliday

I was sitting in a meeting the other day about interviews and how to do well when walking into an interview. There are many different tactics out there and it all comes back to who you know and what the person interviewing you is looking for. Each job that is posted on the internet has many other people applying for that same job and the question for all applicants and job searchers is how to stand out above everyone else. Blog posts, books, and even you tube videos have gone into depth about how to make a difference to someone when you are interviewing and applying for jobs.

With all the ways out there to tweak your resume and to make yourself stand out among the others, there is one thing that you can do which makes you stand out above the others – it is a simple handwritten thank you note. 

A thank you note goes a long way in our media driven world. Even for myself when I receive a handwritten letter in the mail that means more to me than an email or a text that says thank you. A thank you note shows you took time to articulate beyond a text and to write a note that is in your own handwriting. 

Writing is quickly becoming less and less of a thing in our world. We would much rather type and text than we would sit down and compose a letter. Letters are more meaningful and show those receiving it that you took extra time than others to show your appreciation. 

While writing a thank you note after an interview is a powerful way to make a difference in your job search, thank you notes also go a long way with other situations as well. When you’re networking and meeting other people, be sure after going to lunch to thank them for their time with a thank you note. When someone gives you a gift for your birthday or remembers you with a gift or sorts, be sure to write them a thank you note. It is quickly becoming a lost art among our generation. 

Thank you notes are not that hard to write. They can be as simple as a couple of sentences just thanking the person for their time and a line wishing them a great day and that you hope to hear back about the job soon. Nothing too hard to do and it only takes a few minutes of your time. 

As someone who has given and received thank you notes, I can personally say that thank you notes go a long way for me. When I receive one, I usually keep it for a time and in some ways feel more connected to the person who wrote me. I am more likely to remember they exist and to shoot them a message or to reach out about opportunities that I see around me that they might be interested in. 

Thank you notes and networking go hand in hand and help people to see that you are more than a number and more than just another person, but you are a person who takes initiative and cares enough to write a thank you note. 

Thank you notes, while simple to write, also do not have to be on fancy paper. You can pick up thank you notes at most stores for a small price and keep them handy for those moments when you need to write one. Having stamps on hand makes it easy as well and than you are set for anytime you need to send a thank you note to someone.

Next time you have dinner, have an interview, or maybe someone around you is extra kind, write them a thank you note and remind them that you saw and you cared enough to notice. 

When I was sitting in my meeting about interviews and how they work, I was reminded how powerful a thank you note was. The speaker stated that he only hired people who sent him a thank you note and that practice was something more old fashioned, but also something he did not want to see disappear. I agree. Thank you notes should become more of our society and I think we would have more thankful people is we took the time to write thank you notes to those who have helped us out or treated us to coffee. 

Power lies in a hand written thank you note. You are able to go further than others and you show a level of care that very few other people show. So, get some cards and stamps and start making a difference in the lives of those around you with a simple hand written thank you note. Be someone who stands out in the world through thank you notes.