February 9, 2017

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The Return of DoubleThink!

By: Roger Custer

The war of ideas is at a fever pitch in this country, and AFF’s young leaders are not content to remain on the sidelines.

Doublethink has been a staple here at AFF for many years, showcasing the pro-freedom writing you help make possible by being a part of AFF.  Below, you will find some of our young writers’ top stories.

Jason Russell is the Contributors Editor at the Washington Examiner, and he got his start with AFF’s Writing Fellows program.  You’ve inspired Jason to share his love of freedom:

What The New York Times Doesn’t Get About the Minimum Wage

Ryan Nabil is a contributing scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies economics. His writing can be found in publications throughout the U.S. because of you:

$20 Billion In Farm Subsidies Doesn’t Reach the Poor, Leaves Them Hungry

Mollie McNeill researches economic and budget policy at the Heritage Foundation. Your support has given Mollie the voice to advance freedom in media outlets across the country:

3 Things Trump Can Do to Control the National Debt

Preston Cooper tracks higher education policy at the Manhattan Institute. Because of you, his writing reaches thousands of Americans with op-eds like this one:

Five Higher Education Reform Ideas For The New Congress

Jared Meyer is a Senior Research Fellow at The Foundation for Government Accountability. You’ve empowered Jared to write two books and reach Millennials with his message of liberty:

New York’s Dumb War on Uber

With your support, AFF’s Writing Fellows are using print journalism to advocate the principles of free markets and limited government nationwide. Thank you for supporting AFF and giving these young writers a voice they otherwise would not have.