July 26, 2022

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Top Five Reasons You Should Apply for the Writing Fellows Program

By: AF Editors

The Writing Fellows is one of our flagship programs here at America’s Future. We teach op-ed writing and pitching, as well as tips on how to freelance successfully. While many of our alumni do in fact work in journalism, there are many benefits to the fellowship beyond simply getting published. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons you should apply for the Writing Fellows Program

1. Fine tune your op-ed writing. The core feature of the Writing Fellows Program is step-by-step coaching through the process of writing an op-ed from topic selection to pitching to editors. 

2. Network and learn from leaders in the field. Each week, Fellows hear from industry experts in journalism and policy writing. Past speakers include Brad Polumbo of BasedPolitics, Anne Athey of The Spectator, and Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason Magazine.

3. Receive insider tips on how to get published. Another pillar of the Writing Fellows Program is building the confidence of each Fellow in their ability to write, pitch, and get published. Our guest speakers have years of experience and knowledge that they share to help your writing stand out to editors and audiences alike. 

4. Improve your writing overall. A common perception is that the Writing Fellows Program is strictly for those interested in honing their journalistic talent, but there are writers from several disciplines that benefit from the program. Communications, marketing , and development professionals can all build fundamental skills that transfer well to their particular sector of writing. 

5. Finding your voice. Maybe you are a younger writer and aren’t sure what writing career is best for you. While we do require writing samples in the application, there is also room for self-discovery and developing your niche throughout the program. Everyone has their own unique voice, and our goal with the program is to help you discover yours.  

If any of the above reasons speak to you or you simply want to learn more about the America’s Future Writing Fellows Program, please fill out the Fall 2022 application here or reach out to me at [email protected]