June 15, 2017

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Deadline Extended: Use Your Talents to Give Back to the Liberty Community

By: Roger Custer

Are you a consultant who wants to give back to the local community? Or a young professional who wants to develop business acumen?

If so, consider applying to be a volunteer consultant with America’s Future Foundation’s Pro-Bono Consulting Program.

AFF recruits teams of volunteers from consulting companies and local non-profit organizations to serve non-profit organizations based in Washington, DC. The projects will last 12 weeks, from July to September. Volunteers are expected to contribute 5-10 hours per week and you will be paired with 2-3 colleagues and a team leader. The end product will be a report focused on a specific problem submitted by the client (a non-profit liberty-advancing organization).

If you are interested, apply here. Note that the deadline has been extended to July 5, 2017.

Areas on which the consulting teams will work:

1. Fundraising Strategy
Under this project, AFF will help evaluate the current fundraising strategy of the organization, including its current revenue sources and revenue-generating methods. AFF will work with the organization to optimize donations from the current donor base and identify alternative revenue sources.

2. Marketing
AFF will work with the client to develop an effective marketing strategy by helping create a consistent brand and messaging and by identifying opportunities for its services in existing and new markets.

3. Strategic Planning
The goal of this project to ensure that the board and the organization’s leadership are aligned around key choices that have to be made. To this end, AFF will conduct organizational and financial analyses and research rival organizations. Based upon the team’s research, AFF will help the organization set its goals, prioritize these goals and set a timeline for achieving them.