July 7, 2022


Where Do We Go From Here? The Aftermath of Roe V. Wade

By: Peyton Holliday

People on both sides of the aisle have been asking the question of where do we go from here? What can we do now? 

This question is much bigger than a simple blog post, and much bigger than any one person can answer, but there are plenty of things that you can personally do to help continue making an impact in the aftermath of the fall of Roe V. Wade

As a conservative, the fight is far from over. Yes, Roe is a big hurdle we overcame, but now is the time to step up and make a difference. 

There are many ways to get involved locally or nationally in the  pro-life movement and help change the lives of those who are in the midst of this decision. 

Let Them Live: This organization does what everyone thinks pro-lifers should do. They help. They see or hear about a Mom in need and do whatever it takes to help them save the baby. Not only do they help during the pregnancy, but they help after the birth as well. This organization takes pro-life to a new level and shows pro-lifers what the actual work looks like. It is not waving a sign or standing on a sidewalk, but walking alongside mothers and helping them to see the value in themselves as well as in the child they carry.

Local Pregnancy Centers: You may not be aware, but most areas have local pregnancy centers that are pro-life and willing to help mothers in need. These are always small businesses or nonprofits run by locals who want to make a difference. One way you can become involved in the movement is to stop by and see how you can help. Sometimes they need supplies, and other times they need financial aid, but many times they need counselors who can walk these women considering an abortion through their pregnancy and give them guidance with how to  raise a child. 

Women are all around us. You never know if the person sitting beside you at work or in line behind you at the grocery store may be going through a tough situation. Keeping your eyes open for opportunities to help is really important. Maybe it’s a situation that people are gossiping about at work. Stop the gossip, step in, and see if there is something you can do to help. Just reaching out and talking to a woman going through a crisis pregnancy means the world to them, no matter the outcome.

There are many ways to get involved in the pro-life movement and truly make a difference. With all the companies saying they will compensate to pay for a woman to fly out and get an abortion, maybe your company can compensate an employee to put their child up for adoption or help them along the journey into having the child and giving them options in the workplace once the child is born. Be the one who is not afraid to stand up and help women out with their crisis pregnancies.

There are many practical ways to deal with the fallout  Roe V. Wade. Instead of taking it to the internet and posting a meme or a picture or yelling about the situation, take action, step out, and show the world that you are more than just a robot posting on the internet. You are seeking to make a difference and help women in very real ways.

While the world burns at the SCOTUS decision, we should be willing to look beyond what the press says, beyond what our friends say, and truly make a difference in the lives of women around us experiencing crisis pregnancies. You never know the difference that you could make by being willing to seek out a place to make a difference. 

So, let’s raise a glass for this small victory, but also get our hands dirty doing what we can in our own small ways to make a difference. Here’s to the pro-life movement, generation, and all the things that we want to see in the future. Women everywhere are counting on us — so let’s not let them down!