December 19, 2014

Professional Development

You’ve heard it before: “You need to find a mentor.”

By: Matthew Hartill


New in town? Looking to grow professionally? Are a profession and outstanding in your field and want share your wealth of knowledge? America’s Future Foundation is here to help.

AFF makes it easy for paid AFF members looking for a mentor:

Step 1: Check on your member status (membership starts at only $40 – that’s less than $3.50 a month.)     

Step 2: Fill out a short application and email your resume by JANUARY 21st.

Step 3: Discuss career goals and interests with an AFF staff member.

Step 4: Receive 2-3 names of established contacts (also AFF members) that can help you with your goals.


This program runs from February to April with reimbursements of $20 each month to mentees for 3 months of meeting with their mentor.

*Currently only available in DC*

What are you waiting for? Become a member today and apply!

*If you’re an AFF member and you’d like to BE a mentor, please fill out the mentor form here.*