October 29, 2021

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5 Things to Celebrate During American Clean Power Week

By: Kelvey Vander Hart

This week was  the first-annual American Clean Power Week! This week is dedicated to celebrating the progress that clean energy sources have achieved while discussing the ways they can grow in the years to come. Innovation has truly advanced clean solutions for the global energy industry, and as free-marketeers, that is something worth celebrating!

Here are five things to be worth getting excited about when it comes to clean power:

We Know How to Store Energy

This milestone is HUGE. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, energy storage capacity increased by 35%  in 2020 alone and has tripled over the last five years. Being able to store generated electricity for days where the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine means that we can rely on clean power in increasing amounts.

Renewable Sources Are Getting More Efficient

Over the years, clean power has grown more efficient. This means that you can generate more power from the same number of panels, turbines, and similar infrastructure. Take, for example, the blade repowerings that are happening at wind projects across the country. Wind turbines are having new blades installed that can, thanks to better technology, generate more electricity without having to swap out an entire turbine. Increasing efficiency is definitely an important step to a future powered entirely by clean energy. 

We Are Getting More Creative

Clean power is being found in more and more spaces. There is no better example than offshore wind. Is onshore wind power a great source of energy? Yes. Is it even more effective offshore? Also yes. Wind speeds are higher off of America’s coasts, and the lack of other structures allows turbines to be produced at a much larger size, increasing generation capacity, and ability to effectively harness the wind. 

Consumers Are Turning Toward Clean Energy Sources

Consumers are wanting to have clean energy options available in increasing measure – even if it means paying a little extra. According to data from Statista, half of all Americans under the age 54 would pay more for clean energy. That figure steps up to 60% of Americans younger than 39 (Millennials) and to a whopping 79% for Generation Z, those under 24 but older than 18. When given choices, consumers are turning towards options that benefit the planet – things like the growing demand for electric vehicles and plant-based options are two examples of that playing out. 

Innovation Is Making Things Even Better

Finally, American Clean Power Week offers an opportunity to celebrate how innovation is making energy sources like wind and solar even better. Costs are falling, reach is rapidly expanding, and these sources are punching above their weight when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Our energy sector is dramatically improving, and it is in large part thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of trailblazers who believed it could happen. 

Happy American Clean Power Week. We would not be where we are without innovation.