5 Ways the U.S. Is Stepping Toward Communism - America's Future

September 2, 2021

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5 Ways the U.S. Is Stepping Toward Communism

By: Ericka Andersen

Some balk at the idea that modern day America is creeping towards Communism — but there are quite a few disturbing trends that shouldn’t be ignored.

In his book, “Live Not By Lies,” journalist Rod Dreher writes that in such states, “Truth is whatever the rulers decide it is.” As we are seeing today in the West, there is little room for subjective truth. When  you attempt to say there is, you just might be ‘cancelled.’ 

It’s this “cancel culture” that concerns many, especially those who have lived in oppressive government states in the past. In the same Dreher book, he quotes former communist dissidents who express worry over the way words and ideas are shuttered and socially criminalized here. 

5 Things That Indicate Steps Toward Communism

Cancel Culture. If someone says or does something not deemed ‘incorrect’ by the cultural (and increasingly, governmental) forces that be, there is often a swift campaign to ruin their reputation, destroy their business, or condemn any relationship others may have with them. This is reminiscent of a Communist government that may shut down “bad behavior.” For example, in China they currently have a creepy ‘social credit system where  behavior is tracked digitally — and punished. It’s even more concerning in the U.S. thatt citizens themselves are deploying the punishment. 

Censorship. In recent years, student groups have gotten campus speakers like Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Christina Hoff Sommers cancelled from their speaking engagements. Some students didn’t like their ideology and thus, campus administrators decided to censor the ideas. Not giving equal opportunity to a variety of viewpoints is a bad sign. In China, censorship is the primary tool used to silence and eliminate dissent. The government blocks certain websites, targets journalists, and regularly promotes propaganda to perpetuate their chosen narrative. Sounds eerily familiar to the kind of news we sometimes hear in the United States. 

Changing Definitions. These days, words don’t mean what they once did. The truth is, definitions change based on what ideas they are associated with. A strong cultural force can literally mold the definition of a word and thus, stuff propaganda into the idea behind it. For example, being a “racist” once meant that you were someone who discriminated based on the color of someone’s skin. Today’s culture says someone is a “racist” if they are not actively doing the work of “anti-racism” in the form of activism. That’s happening too with gender, family, sexuality and so much more. Language is one tool oppressive regimes have used in the past to manipulate people and it’s happening now. We are told if we don’t agree to the new definitions, we are hateful, bigoted or stupid. 

Marxist leadership. Like it or not, some of the leaders of the most popular cultural movements in recent years are linked to Marxist and Communist ideology. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Cullors called herself a “trained Marxist”. Many of the hidden agenda items behind BLM, like an intent to destroy the nuclear family, reflect this ideology. Prior to BLM, we saw leaders of the Women’s March connected with anti-Semitic groups that discriminate based on ethnicity. Seeing massive movements like these led by those following such dangerous foundations should concern everyone. It’s vital we vet and acknowledge where leaders are getting their ideas so we are not led astray. 

Push for Universal Healthcare. Even the most well-meaning person may push for universal medicine, not realizing that this is never going to solve America’s healthcare woes. Putting our healthcare in the hands of the government is the fastest way to decline. Look at Communist Cuba, where the universal healthcare system offers dirty beds, terrible care and little to hope for. When people in America push for universal healthcare, it sounds good in theory, but in practice it just doesn’t add up.. 


Most people don’t know that at least 100 million men, women and children have died from Communist rule in the 20th Century. When we entertain ideologies that rely on Communist principles, we move just a little closer to those things becoming a reality in the West. Most people are not informed enough to understand the devastation that would occur. It never happens overnight, but little by little. This is why we must acknowledge the creep now and stop the destruction that could result in the future.