June 8, 2022


An Unorthodox Summer for Adventure with High Gas Prices

By: Peyton Holliday

Since gas prices are high it is harder to afford to be on the road and to take all those road trips you planned and dreamed about. While you may not adventure too far from your house, there are still some exciting adventures to be had. So welcome to the unorthodox summer of adventure. Here are some unorthodox adventure ideas for this summer to get your creative juices flowing and maybe this will help you have a fun summer without visiting the pumps too often. 

Osa and Martin Johnson were an adventure couple from Kansas who set out with cameras in the 20th century to film wildlife and seek adventure. Osa wrote the book I Married Adventure in the 1940’s about her and Martin’s exciting lives. FIlled with pictures, stories, and fascinating people, Osa’s book can take you on a reading adventure where you only have to turn the pages. 

You may not be able to drive very far, but you can invest in a bicycle and take that nearly anywhere you would drive nearby. Bicycling is great exercise and also one way to have an adventure this summer that might be a bit unusual. Try biking to work or hit a nearby neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and exercise that biking brings along with it. 

While reading or biking, it might be just up your alley to walk into your backyard or out onto your balcony with a camera and capture the life around you. Summer is a beautiful season with long days, and getting off work to sunlight gives you so much more time. Your camera can be as simple as your phone or as complex as an official photographer’s camera. This adventure, if you work hard enough at it, could even help bring in a few extra dollars. 

Another fun way to adventure is to use things around your house to create your own kind of adventure. There are plenty of drawers and spaces that could use a good clean out and you never know what you might find. Finding long lost items or even finding things that you no longer need can start you down some new kind of adventure. Maybe it’s a paint set you never sat down to do or a puzzle that you never completed or maybe it is a sewing machine tucked away. Turn on youtube and learn how to complete projects that have been hiding away.

Living in either a big city or a small town can bring you along to different adventures. Check out those local places that you may never have seen before and become a tourist in your own city. Look for your welcome center or chambers of commerce and get to know the place where you live. This adventure keeps you close to home and you never know what you might gain from this experience.

When thinking about adventures, another fun one is calling family members that you haven’t seen in ages. Think about your Grandma or cousin that you know has all the family history knowledge. Call them up on your phone and try to piece together your family tree. This can be a fun adventure that keeps you at home.You never know what family story might lead you on an adventure to finding out who was who and how they were connected. 

Lastly, adventure can come in the form of your imagination. Maybe there is a book you have always wanted to write or a piece of poetry you have thought about but never written down. Your imagination is an adventure all on its own. Practice some by thinking about life differently than what you know now. Imagine yourself in the place of a hobbit and how life would be different. Let your imagination wander. It could lead you to writing your own novel or poem. Adventure of the imagination can be fun if you just know how to imagine life and let the mind wander. 

While things may not be exactly what you had pictured this summer, adventure is still out there and might be a bit unorthodox, unusual, or even unexpected, but there are still ways to have a summer filled with adventure. You just have to know how to look for it and not be afraid to just do those things you have said you would always do. Be sure to have some fun this summer and do not stay inside and mope around because gas prices are high.

I hope you have a grand summer of adventure, learn new things, and save plenty of money on gas. Summer is here, and don’t forget to have fun! Here’s to adventure wherever you are!