Education from the Couch

In the 21st century, we have access to luxuries beyond what anybody could have predicted. Among them is our ability to indulge in a bag of potato chips and stretch out on the

AFF at FreedomFest

You can’t miss these great opportunities! AFF will be holding a panel and reception at FreedomFest. What is FreedomFest? It is an annual conference where free minds meet to celebrate “great

How Well Do You Know Roger?

Many of us know who Roger Custer is, but how much do you actually know about him? Under his leadership since 2011, AFF’s impact, programs, and budget have grown.  He

Congrats Nick Cooper!

What do our AFF members do after leading a chapter? Let me tell you about our friend, Nick Cooper. AFF comes into contact with many young professionals, but Nick stands

Meet Megan Cook

What happens when you are a liberty-loving, college graduate looking for a job? Well, if you are like Megan, then you become an intern at AFF. As AFF’s Development Intern