By Dec 07,2003

Hot air at the D.C. city council

Last Wednesday, the D.C. City Council Public Works Committee held a public hearing on the proposed “Smoke-free Workplaces Act of 2003.” The bill, as introduced by city council members Adrian...

By Dec 07,2003

Copy music, destroy civilization

I “google” myself occasionally. That is, I enter my own name into the popular Internet search engine, perhaps on a monthly basis, to see if I’m becoming a famous writer...

By Nov 30,2003

Fantasizing the fabulist

There isn’t much interesting to say about Steven Glass that hasn’t already been said. Every article–and there have been many this year since the publication of his roman à clef, The...

By Nov 30,2003

The EU’s China syndrome

With the successful return to Earth of its first “taikonaut,” all the world’s eyes seem to be on China. Called the “sleeping giant” in many circles, China has long been...

By Nov 23,2003

Iowans gone wild

A report from the Democratic primary race in Iowa featuring John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, and rainbow farms as far as the eye can see.