October 25, 2013

FEE President Larry Reed Gives Career Advice to AFF Austin

By: Kathryn Shelton

Together with the Foundation for Economic Education, the Austin chapter of America’s Future Foundation welcomed FEE President Larry Reed to join liberty-minded professionals for a downtown reception and dinner on Friday, October 11.  
As the special guest, Reed spoke to the crowd about his work in the liberty movement including thoughts on monetary policy, presidential politics, and guidance for the next generation of leaders. He provided suggested reading recommendations that helped to shape his own world view and encouraged attendees to never stop learning. With recently published FEE materials in hand, Reed inspired all attendees to continue the fight for liberty both in Austin and across the country.

Guests were able to have their photograph taken with Reed, which can be found on the AFF-Austin Facebook page, along with additional shots from the evening event.

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Kathryn Shelton is the Director of Chapter Advancement for America’s Future Foundation.