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August 10, 2018

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How to Hustle in America

By: Chloe Anagnos

An American rapper, actor, and businessman, Tip “T.I” Harris joined forces with BET to launch a reality show called, “The Grand Hustle.”

The television series focuses on 16 aspiring entrepreneurs, or “hustlers,” competing to see if they have what it takes to earn a coveted, six-figure position at T.I’s Grand Hustle empire. The BET series will consist of 12, hour-long episodes and takes place in T.I’s native Atlanta.

Brandon Brice, an AF-Detroit regular, is one of the 16 contestants featured on “The Grand Hustle.”

A political strategist, campaign consultant and host of the “Brandon Brice Show,” Brice has been featured as a political commentator on FOX News, CNN, BET, Al-Jazeera and MSNBC.

He served as a staffer for former U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, and as Director of Education Affairs under New Jersey Governor Chris J. Christie. His articles have been featured in the Washington Times, Washington Post, Detroit News, Franco Amerique, and

A lecturer, locally-syndicated talk radio host, and opinion writer, Brice can now add “reality television personality” to his already impressive resume.

A producer who was familiar with his work reached out to see if he was interested, and Brice jumped at the chance to participate.

“The series paints the picture that you can be a ‘hustler’ whether you’re on the streets or in corporate America,” Brice explained.

He went on to explain how the show makes business cool – a form of “social capitalism” that Brice says is needed in America now more than ever.

“This concept of people making moves to turn a profit is getting people interested in business and entrepreneurship, which is ultimately what will lift more people out of poverty,” Brice said.

In addition to speaking publicly about politics and current events, Brice is an advocate for financial literacy and STEM education, especially for young people and minorities.

“The hip hop community is playing an important role in showing people how they can benefit from business, entrepreneurship, and capitalism,” he said.

And he’s right.

Rappers like Dr. Dre, Vanilla Ice, and Nicki Minaj, have made millions as successful entrepreneurs, and social media movements like #HipHopEd are focusing on bridging the gap between theory and practice through the development and the implementation of hip-hop based interventions in STEM, therapy, literacy, and school leadership.

Brice explained that giving people real exposure to technology, math, writing, healthcare, and other technical trades all before high school will help young people prepare for the jobs and industries of the future.

Although Brice won’t give away how the series ends, he does have five rules for hustling in America that people of all ages and backgrounds should note:

1. Be prepared and ready for the job you don’t have.
2. Integrity matters. Always be a person of your word.
3. Sharpen your skills and read things that matter.
4. Recognize that if you invest in your network that they will eventually invest in you.
5. Failure doesn’t mean that you failed – it’s simply the first attempt at learning.

The Grand Hustle is on BET Thursdays at 10p/9c.