June 7, 2013

In Chicago, Tom Palmer Addressed the Growing Welfare State

By: Kathryn Shelton


On May 9, AFF-Chicago hosted a packed house eager to hear Atlas VP and Cato Senior Fellow Tom G. Palmer discuss his latest book, “After the Welfare State.”

His presentation detailed not only how the entitlement system in America put our nation on a certain path to bankruptcy, but also what citizens, voters, and activists can do to take back control of their future. Palmer offered a global as well as historical perspective of how other countries’ have used the welfare state for disingenuous ends – including Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, and contemporary Greece.

He also laid out the moral case for liberty and the audience participated in a lively Q&A afterwards, eager to read his book of which everyone in attendance received a free copy.

AFF-Chicago was thrilled with both the strong turnout and captivating discussion.