In the Name of Children, Parents Push Back Against Leftist School Boards - America's Future

September 8, 2021

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In the Name of Children, Parents Push Back Against Leftist School Boards

By: David Collins

Today, many American parents wonder what role, if any, they can play in turning our country around. Parents can’t speak up at work for fear of termination; nor can they speak up on social media for fear of societal ostrascization (or being temporarily banned). Unfortunately, many rational and level-headed parents exist with invisible duct-tape over their mouths—living in a mental solitary confinement. 

Understandably so. 

What sane person would rather lose their job or friends just to express their opinion, one which will inevitably hurt others, cause undue stress, strain relationships, and ultimately be forgotten?

Enter school boards. In the name of children, parents push back against leftist school boards. Parents are furious with Critical Race Theory (CRT), mask and vaccine mandates, Common Core, and much more. Parents are beginning to see the direct cause and effect that school boards play on the education of their children.

The indoctrination and coercion of these parents’ children has caused many parents to say, “enough is enough” and take a stand. To an outsider, it might seem like this nationwide pushback is coming out of left field, as many reforms have been implemented and passed seamlessly over the years. However, those following the silent majority know that these opinions have been held for some time, and have been accumulating over the years.

For example, a Colorado dad spoke out against CRT at his school board saying, “Putting critical theory into our classrooms is not combating racism. It’s fanning the flames of what little embers are left. I encourage you to support this resolution. Let racism die the death it deserves.” 

A furious Georgia mother raised concerns against mask mandates at her school board exclaiming, “We did not vote for people at the CDC. We did elect leaders who do create policy. We elected the five of you. We choose you to make difficult decisions for our children. We choose you to make decisions that would be in our children’s best interest.” 

And a  Loudoun County, Virginia father lambasted his school board saying, “You think you’re some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you’re making, when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus.”

It’s not just the small town parents who are fed up with all of this. Even Jay Cutler, former quarterback of the Chicago Bears, recently tweeted his plans on running for the Williamson County school board in 2024.

Thankfully, the pushback against leftist school boards is mobilizing. Groups like FreedomWorks’ Building Education and Students Together(BEST) are forming coalitions of like-minded, concerned parents—training and equipping them with the skills, tools, and insight necessary to get involved and run an effective campaign for their local school board.

For a long time, the right has mistakenly been under the impression that K-12 and higher education exist in a bubble, with the radical theories stopping short of the “real world.” One needs to look no further than woke corporations, media, culture, and education to know that this problem has left the confines of education, and is impacting our world.

Parents are beginning to wake up and realize that local school board activism is one way where they can tangibly and immediately impact the direction of their community. Thanks to Covid-19, many more parents are paying attention to their local school boards. After all, the welfare of our children is too important to leave to chance or educrats.