July 5, 2019


Learn it, Live it Love it: The Independence Edition

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Learn It: 

You participated in a recitation of the Declaration of Independence yesterday right? Right?! If not, and even if you did, why not give it one more read for good measure

Live It: 

I enjoyed this piece by Kay Coles James  as a helpful reminder of the institutions in place that allow America to continue it’s path toward achieving the ideals set forth in the Declaration, and why it’s more than ok to be proud of our country. 

AFF alum and former board member Brooke Obberwetter is hosting a Facebook fundraiser for her birthday to support Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley. They are on the ground providing material support and comfort to those seeking asylum on our border. She’s raised over $13K so far with a goal to raise 50K. I’ve donated. Perhaps you’d like to as well?

Love it:

I’ll admit, this is older news, but I think the story of Idaho declaring a “regulatory reset” is worth celebrating every day of the week. Which states will be next?