February 15, 2019


Learn it, Live it, Love it: The Public Choice Edition

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Learn it:

This video made the rounds last week, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes some important points about the power politicians wield and the immense potential for corruption they each face. While this information isn’t necessarily news to those who have studied public choice, it never hurts to get a reminder. Unfortunately AOC comes to the exact opposite solution than I would, but… what else is new?

The situation in Venezuela is dire, I’m watching the news as it unfolds there with hope that someday soon, these great people will be free again. My friend Giannina Rafo, who used to work with a free market think tank, CEDICE, in Venezuela before immigrating to the U.S., provides helpful insight into what’s happening there in this interview with Foreign Policy’s First Person podcast.

American Enterprise Institute’s newly released survey on Community and Society is a fascinating and optimistic read about how Americans view their neighbors, homes and communities. Are people more connected if they own a dog? Does your proximity to a coffee shop make you happier, read on to answer these questions and more.

Live it:

I love this great piece on The Nine Decisions that Led to a Life I Love. Since it’s Valentine’s week and I’m feeling sappy, I concur with number three, and I’m working hard on number eight. How about you?

We hear from a good number of AFFers who don’t feel comfortable sharing their political opinions in their professional or even social lives. This roundup of the pros and cons of talking about politics at work helps put into perspective why sharing your beliefs might help create a more positive work environment.

For those of you in DC:

Profs and Pints is hosting a discussion on the topic, Is Capitalism Moral? at Bier Baron on February 24. Want to join me and give professor Steven Pearlstien some moral support? (see what I did there?)

Love it:

We’re in the midst of serious winter, and there is snow in this long weekend’s forecast. So, simmer some beef rendang on the stovetop (brings back memories of eating this for the first time in Jakarta two years ago) while watching Killing Eve on Hulu or Strong Girl Bong-soon on Netflix (I love Korean soap operas!)