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November 9, 2018


Learn it, Live it, Love it

By: Cindy Cerquitella

Learn it:
I suffer from two specific maladies: first, I am always adding projects to my plate. There’s always something new I want to take on, so multitasking becomes a lifestyle. Second, I’m a prize procrastinator, probably because I find another project to work on before finishing up the one I’ve got front of me. This combination often leads to small and minor mistakes that can chip away at my overall work product, and make me crazy! I found this post, on a three-step process for banishing small mistakes really helpful.

Live it:
The election is over, people won, people lost, and the world keeps spinning. Young people got involved in the political process at higher rates than usual, sending an important message about what we want and expect from our leaders. Meet the new congressmen under 40 who will be representing your interests in the coming years.

Voting is certainly an important signal about your governing preferences, but civic duty doesn’t begin and end with that one act. What are some ways you are voting with your time, feet, and dollars? (tell us on facebook)

Love it:
Last night, I had the great fortune of attending the Atlas Network Freedom Dinner. Two organizations founded and lead by passionate, talented young people were honored last night. First, Libek–a think tank in Serbia that is launching a digital platform to combat a state and left-wing media monopoly–won the $25,000 Think Tank Shark Tank Prize. Second, the winner of the $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award was the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies. I’ve had the honor of knowing this group since they were a youth professional development group, not so unlike AF. After the Arab Spring, in which they played a role in keeping people safe and demanding freedom from their corrupt government, they transitioned into a policy organization. In a country where one wrong word could land you in jail, these brave millennials succeeded in eliminating Egypts energy subsidies and made the government’s budget available for review by the people for the first time, ever. They are an inspiring group of young people making a serious difference in the lives of so many. Congratulations ECCPS! (For a peek into the lives of these badass rebels, follow them on instagram.)