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April 1, 2021

Get Matched By AF and Talent Market – Introducing the Liberty Lovers Dating Site

By: AF Editors

When Americas Future and Talent Market joined forces last year, we had big plans to advance liberty in new and exciting ways. 

Over the course of our work, AF and Talent Market noticed an unintentional, but highly valued, benefit of our work – compatible people were able to meet each other! Given AFs status as the community for liberty-minded young leaders across the country and Talent Markets expertise in matching talent with critical openings in the liberty movement, we’ve decided to officially collaborate on an exciting new project to fill a void in the freedom landscape. 

Get Matched By AF and Talent Market – Introducing the Liberty Lovers Dating Site

Today we are proud to introduce the Liberty Lovers dating site!

Liberty Lovers™ is designed exclusively for singles who embrace economic freedom, free enterprise, free trade, personal responsibility, property rights, rule of law, and Hayek’s mustache.

Unlike other dating sites that use command and control matchmaking systems to select matches for you,  Liberty Lovers empowers users to make their own decisions. 

AFs Executive Director Cindy Cerquitella explains it this way: When people are free to make their own choices, amazing things happen. Our Liberty Lovers dating site is based on the premise that individuals know what is best for themselves, especially when it comes to choosing a partner!” 

Liberty Lovers  allows you to create a  profile that covers what really matters in a relationship. You’ll answer critical questions such as:

1. Are speed limits constitutional?

2. What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

3. Section 230 immunity: love it or hate it? 

4. What is the ideal size and scope of government? (Don’t worry, anyone who gives a “the bigger the better” response will be mailed  a copy of The Road to Serfdom and flagged as “Yet to be Enlightened.”)

Users will also enjoy our Liberty Lovers™ Free Speech Chat Room where you can interact with like-minded singles without the thought police patrolling your messages! Want to debate whether Friedman would have been a better lover than Mises? Go for it. Want to complain about how masks make the first date kiss a pain in the tookus? Please do! Have a hankering to converse about which wine pairs best with each Constitutional Amendment? Have at it! 

Americas Future and Talent Market have lofty, long-term goals for Liberty Lovers. As Talent Markets Executive Director Claire Kittle Dixon said of the site’s launch We’re counting on Liberty Lovers to save the free world. If those of us who embrace freedom don’t procreate quickly enough, the world might be overrun by socialists. For the love of liberty, get out there and find your soulmate!”

We invite you to create your Liberty Lovers™ profile today! We are confident you’ll find love and a good laugh…Happy April Fool’s Day!

But in all seriousness, if you want to connect with other like-minded people – and possibly still meet your soulmate, it’s happened – make sure you sign up to attend AF events near your or online and get plugged in with Talent Market!

Plus: Although you can’t actually join the Liberty Lovers™ Free Speech Chat Room, we ARE hanging out on Clubhouse tonight (April 1) at 5:30 pm. Join us!