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July 7, 2020


Do More with AF, Join Our Pilot Membership!

By: AF Editors

Note: Our initial spaces for the pilot membership program have been filled, but your can still apply for second phase of the pilot program we’ll be running in October at the link below!

You, B.C-19: My career is on the up and up, politics is frustrating, but nothing I haven’t seen before and I’m BUSY, I do wish I could hang out with some people who thought a bit more like me though, I’m sick of holding my tongue while my friends talk about the need for a Green New Deal… 

You: A.C-19: WTF?! My governor just told me I couldn’t buy paint for my house, my job prospects have dried up, I haven’t seen friends in months and now progressives want to cut government spending? What world am I living in? Am I the only one that’s confused? 

Like many of you, the AF team has spent every week since March watching the world turn upside down (and not in the fun way like in that Hamilton song ), and we’ve asked ourselves the same questions: what does this mean for the future of freedom, and what can we do about it? 

It’s clear that the circumstances of this year have changed the world forever, and AF knows we must change with it. 

To meet this need, we’ve developed the AF Membership Program — a new product from America’s Future Foundation uniquely designed to connect, inform, and inspire you —  through these hazy days of COVID-19 and beyond.  The AF membership program is your ticket to advancing your career, building your social network, and giving you the tools to advance freedom, right from your living room or town square, all for one low annual fee. 

We want to make sure we get this just right, so before we open up membership to the masses, we want to test it with a select few of you.  If you’re looking for ways to have meaningful conversations, if you’re looking for ways to help your communities rebuild as the economy reopens, if you’re looking to lead from wherever you are, we invite you to join our Membership Pilot program. We’ll only accept 50 applicants for the first phase of this test, so get your application in soon! 

Do More with AF, Join Our Beta Membership!

As an AF Pilot Member you’ll get: 

1. Access to exclusive briefings from nationally renowned leaders on the most pressing issues of the day.

2. Tailor-made event kits that will help you explore topics and issues in small groups (complete with sample playlists and drink pairings) 

3. Curated ideas for how to take local action, support freedom-aligned groups and advocate for what you believe in.

4. Free membership for 12 months, once this program goes live (including access to free or discounted tickets to AF’s major events and other perks) 

If  AF membership sounds like the cure to your COVID-induced summertime blues, submit an application here. We can’t wait to get to know you better! (Remember, we’re only opening up 50 spots for this phase, so apply now!) 

For questions, please contact [email protected]