May 22, 2023

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Run For Student Government To Make A Change On Your College Campus!

By: Anthony Miragliotta

Holding a position in a college Student Government Association (SGA) chapter is a huge responsibility. All SGA chapters make crucial decisions to make campus life better for all students. However, the majority of SGA chapters do not fight for the conservative-minded student mostly due to the fact very few conservative-minded students are serving on SGA. It is no surprise that is the case as colleges have been dominantly liberal for quite some time. 

Conservative students have always been targeted by SGA chapters all over the country. For example, on May 5th, 2023, the Northwestern University SGA put a freeze on the funding for the Northwestern College Republicans for a poster that was deemed controversial. However, the poster in question did not violate Northwestern’s own definition of harassment. Disagreeing with someone is one thing but to freeze funding or outright ban an organization because they disagree with the SGA’s views is completely unacceptable.

Most importantly, SGA’s need more conservative and liberty-minded students to help fight the American culture war. The culture war starts on college campuses. Up until the late 2000s, colleges were essentially research-based think tanks where any student had the power to think for themselves and formulate their own opinion on any given topic. Now colleges have turned into left-wing indoctrination camps where if you disagree with a professor, they will deduct points from your assignments. Many students who are members of organizations like College Republicans, Turning Point USA, and Students for Life have been bullied by left-wing students to the point where it involves getting into a physical altercation with the students and tearing down their tables. The worst part is the majority of these left-wing students hardly face any repercussions. The conservative students have been forgotten by the SGA’s all over the country. 

I know what it is like being one of those students since I served in the SGA while I was in college. I was one of three conservative-minded students in the whole SGA. Although I never got into a physical altercation with another student, it was mostly the drama. The majority of the time was when multiple liberal SGA members would accuse me of being “anti-students” without any merit or basis to back up their claim. This would occur whenever there was a stance I took that they deemed to not be in the best interests of the students, I always made my opinion known. Some people would agree with me while others did not agree with me. That is okay for not everyone in the SGA to agree with me. It is what our founding fathers intended.

When deciding to run for SGA, ask yourself: Why should I run for SGA? Maybe it is because the food in the cafeteria is gross or maybe there are only a few fun activities to do throughout the day. Whatever that reason is, make that your primary reason to run.

Even if you think SGA is not your thing, It is very important to be the main voice for conservatives at college. A conservative-minded individual is a rare breed on college campuses nowadays. However, it is vital to embrace that. Embracing that these students are the minority on campus should make students work as hard as they can to advance their interests.

The time is now to make a change on your college campus. No more sitting on the sidelines! The future of our country is at stake!