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December 27, 2018


The Dreaded Fitness Resolution

By: Ashley Keimach

There is something about the closing of a year that makes people more reflective. Whether it’s tradition or the sentiment of the holidays, we are more inclined to assess our successes and failures of and commit to bettering ourselves for the next year. It was around this time last year that I decided to commit myself to a lifestyle of fitness.

After many failed attempts of trying to either lose weight or incorporate exercise into my daily habits, I was more than hesitant to announce my new resolution. We all know someone that has committed to a fit lifestyle for the upcoming year and failed immediately after January. Maybe that person is you. It definitely was me.

But last year was different. I decided to ignore the naysayers and focus on my why. Why do I want to change my lifestyle? Why is exercise important for me? Why does this matter? After discovering the answers to these questions I found my reason and I committed to this resolution despite how stereotypical of a resolution it was. Fast-forward a year later and I’m proud to say I kept my resolution. I managed to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle and I am proud to say that there hasn’t been a single week since last December that I did not engage in some sort of physical activity. While there were many bumps in the road and tears that followed, there have been far more benefits to my life as a result of keeping this resolution than I could have ever imagined. I noticed that as a result of incorporating more exercise into my routine my stress reduced dramatically and my ability to experience joy and overall peace increased exponentially. This made me a better wife, sister, friend, and co-worker.

In addition to finding my why, I also needed to find a way to workout that was conducive to my personality. I realized that the many times I failed to workout consistently was due in part to me exercising in ways I thought I should be exercising but not in ways that I would enjoy. That’s right, you can actually enjoy it. I learned that running is definitely not my thing, but spinning is! Group exercise classes also work better for me because I love the accountability and competition and the extrovert in me loves being around people.

If you’re considering making the dreaded fitness resolution I’d say, go for it! Forget about how many times it didn’t work and focus on why it matters to you now. Find your niche, find your style, and fall in love. Spinning has turned out to be such a positive addition to my life that I actually became a spin instructor. Now I have the honor of teaching spin to people who are in the same position I was in a year ago. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m glad I have something to do that immediately helps alleviate stress while also keeping me happy and healthy for the future. It’s my “me time” and it makes such a difference in other areas of my life. If you feel like resolving to a healthier lifestyle is too enormous of a task, just remember that if you make it through February, you’re already in a better position than most people who make the same resolution.