November 9, 2022


Wardrobe Essentials for Women

By: Leah Nalepa

Every woman’s life is different, and therefore their closet should reflect that. However, every closet should contain a few staples that meet the needs of the woman wearing the clothes. While each woman’s wardrobe will fluctuate based on lifestyle, there are some essential pieces to consider having in a wardrobe that serve a variety of functions for everyday life. 


Underwear that doesn’t show lines through the clothes 

Well-fit bras 

Recommendation: Get professionally fitted for everyday bras


Everyday shirts

Casual blouses

Casual tees (solid colors like white, off-white, or black)

Dress shirts: Blouses in off-white or cream and jewel tones, Button-down oxford in white or off-white 

Recommendation: A button-down should not gap at the bust. If you find that this happens, forego the oxford shirt or purchase custom.

Sweaters: Merino wool or cable knit sweaters are great. These can come in a variety of colors. If you’re building out your essential wardrobe pieces, then consider purchasing tones that look great with your skin tone. Usually jewel tones work well for most people. 


Well-fitted jeans: Dark wash, medium wash, white, and black 

Dress pants: Black, navy, burgundy, or hunter green, Could include a pencil skirt 


Modest and flattering cocktail dress: think LBD (little black dress), Tailored work dress in a solid color, Casual, everyday dress 

Layering Pieces

Blazer, Cardigan, Jacket (leather or jean), Wool dress coat (outerwear), and Winter or rain coat (outerwear)


Nude and black heels or flats

Commuting shoes: comfortable shoes that you don’t mind wearing out over time

Casual sneakers 

Leather or faux leather boots (short or knee-high)


Belt for everyday wear with pants

Belt to wear over a dress or skirt

Quality work bag or purse


Everyday watch

Metallic necklace

Everyday earrings (think gold hoops, diamond studs, pearls or another pair that goes well with most outfits)


Additional: lipstick or gloss 

While this list is not exhaustive, it is meant to serve as a foundation for a woman’s everyday closet and help identify gaps in your own wardrobe. Owning items such as these will make creating outfits easier, allow for ample opportunity to pair bolder pieces with muted essentials, and save money and time in the long-run.