October 16, 2013

AFF Atlanta: What Is the Most Important Insight From the Liberty Tradition?

By: Kathryn Shelton

On September 24th, AFF Atlanta hosted America’s Future Foundation’s National Chapter Coordinator Jason Riddle for a presentation on “The Most Important Insights From The Liberty Tradition.”

Mr. Riddle, who is also the co-founder of AFF Atlanta and its former Chairman, gave a thought-provoking presentation.  This talk served as a follow up to AFF-Atlanta’s May event in which Mr. Riddle discussed different ideas of liberty and equality.

Jason began with a summary of his previous presentation and then proceeded to explain how liberty and equality of authority go hand in hand. He then discussed the moral authority of government and argued that the only way to achieve equality and liberty at the same time was through equality of authority.  He argued that this is only possible when all people are allowed to exercise full liberty (with the provision that they not use their liberty to infringe on the liberty of any other person). He argued that this would lead to increased social cooperation and would decrease much of the friction felt in society. He told the audience that this is the most important insight from the liberty tradition.

Attendees very much enjoyed the event and a question and answer session followed his talk.  AFF-Atlanta is looking forward to having Jason back again for another interesting and insightful presentation.

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Kathryn Shelton is the Director of Chapter Advancement for America’s Future Foundation.