September 23, 2021

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Check out AF’s New Podcast, Brewing Business!

By: AF Editors

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We’re excited to introduce Austin Jack, the leader of our Southwest Hub, as the host of America’s Future’s podcast, Brewing Business. Austin launched the AF-Phoenix chapter in 2019. He has managed fundraising and development efforts for non-profit organizations, large and small, as well as political campaigns throughout the Southwest region of the United States – all of this through his company, Jack Development Strategies, LLC where he serves as the president and CEO. Austin also serves as the chief development officer for the Goldwater Institute, the chief executive officer of Yard Service on Demand, and today, is leading several new ventures in the franchise space. He is definitely, and by all means, a serial entrepreneur.

Get to know more about Austin!

Meet Austin Jack, Host of AF's Podcast, Brewing Business!

1. What is your favorite part of hosting Brewing Business?

My favorite part of hosting Brewing Business is the opportunity to sit across from talented, and young entrepreneurs who have risen to the challenge of starting a business from nothing and built it into something really impressive. Their stories are not only inspiring, but from what I believe, will continue to impact the masses for years to come. These entrepreneurs offer hope to any young person on the verge of taking a major risk in their career, and will hopefully empower them to make like Nike and “just do it!”.

2. What is your favorite podcast to listen to in your free time?

My favorite podcast to listen to is Storytime with Seth Rogan. Much of Rogan’s personality and opposing opinions are shown in this podcast. I enjoy Rogan’s honesty and transparency because he is constantly learning from his guests.

3. Who would be your dream guest to have on Brewing Business?

My dream guest to have on Brewing Business would be Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank – Kevin O’Leary. I believe viewers would want to hear more about his journey, struggles, and how he built his business empire that is now known as one of the most successful ventures in North America. On top of that, his personality would be very entertaining to our viewership and followers.

4. How did you originally find AF?

I first heard about AF- Chicago and met with the Chairman of their board for lunch who really inspired me to join this group of young professionals. After meeting more members of AF, I felt compelled to start a group in Phoenix to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the freedom movement.

5. What do you enjoy about your career path so far and why?

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with so many different types of non-profit organizations, start up companies, and international enterprises working to achieve what we all know as “the American Dream”. What I love most about my path is I have been able to take many risks – both in business and as a professional. Having the opportunity to create and manage new companies and non-profit organizations empowers me to learn more about how bureaucratic government agencies behave when it comes to tax paying Americans attempting to earn an honest living. I graduated from Arizona State University in 3.5 years in order to pursue my career faster. I actually quit my 9-5 job the day of graduation to start my own firm, and today, that remains the best decision I ever made in my career. Now, looking at life as a whole, my best decision, period, was marrying my wife in April of 2021. Because I really could not have done any of this without her, and she has been one of the most important keys to all of this success.

6. How long have you been in Phoenix, and what brought you there?

My undergraduate degree brought me to Phoenix. I have lived here since 2012 when I enrolled in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University.

7. What helpful skills do you hold that people could ask you for advice about?

– Political campaign management

– Fundraising both domestically and internationally

– Business and Non-profit development

You can find Brewing Business on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, and other podcast streaming services.