April 1, 2019


Important Announcement Regarding AF Alcohol Policy

By: AF Editors

In addition to the inspirational speakers and stimulating company, most AF events across the country include some sort of food and refreshments, but in the coming weeks, you may notice a slight difference in what’s available at your local chapter event. That’s because America’s Future Foundation has made the decision to move to an “alcohol-free” event policy.

“It was a hard decision to make since we all know that a little cabernet can help ease the introduction of new people and boost some in-depth conversations about Hayek or Friedman,” said Executive Director Cindy Cerquitella. “But, overall, we felt that with all of the other offerings at our events, alcohol won’t really be missed.”

The policy will officially take effect on Monday, April 29, 2019, and all AF events taking place prior will not be subject to the policy. Going forward, all events previously referred to as “happy hours,” will be called “social hours” instead.

AF attendees can expect the same great speakers on important policy issues, professional development workshops, and networking events, we’ll just be swapping out the Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale for O’Doul’s.

Additionally, all of the information above is completely in jest, but we hope we got you going a little bit. Happy April Fool’s Day!

By the way, Cindy’s actual quote is, “You can take my gin martini with a twist from my cold dead hands.”